Founded in 2004, the Semantic Web Company is the vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite  and was repeatedly named in KMWorld’s prestigious list of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. As a leading provider of graph-based metadata, search and analysis solutions, Semantic Web Company supports its customers in the development and implementation of enterprise knowledge graphs, in the extraction of useful knowledge from large data sets, and in the integration and linking of structured and unstructured data. 

The technology company also helps organizations develop strategies that support the efficient introduction and implementation of innovative graph technologies. Semantic Web Company has recently been added to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions in the category Visionary. Andreas Blumauer, founder and CEO, has been nominated to the Forbes Technology Council. With Credit Suisse, Roche, Wolters Kluwer, Pearson and Phillips among their customer base of Forbes Global 2000 List, Semantic Web Company is continuously helping customers to roll-out their knowledge management and AI strategy within their organizations.

PoolParty Semantic Suite participates at KNOWCON 2020 with a Presentation!

PoolParty Semantic Suite hosts "The Road to AI requires a Semantic Data Fabric", with Florian Bauer - Director Solutions and Strategic Alliances, discussing how business success depends heavily on the ability to make effective use of data. The first step towards this data-driven culture is data access, but many organizations have data silos that hinder this effort.

The “Semantic Data Fabric” is a new solution to data silos that combines the best-of-breed technologies, data catalogs and knowledge graphs, based on Semantic AI. With a semantic data fabric, companies can combine text and documents (unstructured) with data residing in relational databases and data warehouses (structured) to create a much more comprehensive and accurate view of their customers, employees, products, and other vital areas of business.

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