At metaphacts, we help customers leverage Knowledge Graphs to enable FAIR Data; this allows them unlock the value of their data assets, reach smarter business decisions, and drive digital transformation.

Our product metaphactory is a low-code platform designed to ease onboarding into the world of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs by delivering innovative features for knowledge graph management, rapid application development, and end-user oriented interaction. metaphactory leverages FAIR Data principles and enables you to make your data human and machine understandable and actionable. By maintaining your data as a knowledge graph, metaphactory allows you to extract and leverage meaningful knowledge and insights to drive prediction, automation and digital transformation.

metaphactory runs on top of your on-premise, cloud, or managed graph database and offers capabilities and features to support the entire lifecycle of dealing with Knowledge Graphs. With metaphactory, modelling, integrating, curating, authoring, exploring, searching, and visualizing your Knowledge Graph become easy, fast and intuitive.

metaphactory's approach based on open standards and technologies offers great flexibility in different usage scenarios and across various industries, such as Engineering & Manufacturing, Pharma & Life Sciences, Finance & Insurance, Business, and Cultural Heritage & Humanities. 

Metaphacts participates at KNOWCON 2020 with a Presentation!

This talk will highlight our lessons learned and best practices for building a Knowledge Graph-driven FAIR data platform to drive digital transformation. The session will focus on agile data management and governance with Knowledge Graphs, following the FAIR Data principles.

It will cover topics such as data catalogues, ontology modelling, taxonomy integration, user experience development, and how low-code platforms allow you to get from idea to production in less than 2 weeks.

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