Fluree is an open-source semantic graph database that guarantees data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing, and powers connected data insights — all in one pluggable stack. Fluree’s unique features serve as a platform for emerging architectures and services that rely heavily on high-quality, trusted, and shared data. Customers include the US Airforce, Wake Forest Baptist Health, and a host of enterprises and startups. Fluree’s technology is compromised of a blockchain-secured ledger of immutable RDF data and a scalable graph database. It runs on a simple and lightweight java runtime for deployment across on-premises and cloud.

Fluree participates at KNOWCON 2020 with a Presentation!

Fluree hosts the "Data-Sentric Security" Presentation with Brian Platz - CEO, discussing the opportunities for data-centric security, enforcing security at the data layer and letting “Data Defend Itself”.

Brian will cover core concepts, benefits, and review technologies and their role such as DiDs (Decentralized Identifiers), W3C Verifiable Credentials and blockchain-inspired technology.

The goal is to address the question: how do we broaden access to these emerging data ecosystems without creating bottlenecks or attack surfaces?

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