EnterpriseWeb participates at KNOWCON 2020 with the Presentation: "BizDevOps: Aligning the Business and IT with a Graph Knowledge Base"!

EnterpriseWeb® is an integration platform (iPaaS) that uses graph modeling to link people, information, capabilities and devices in real-time dataflow processes across silos, clouds and partners. With EnterpriseWeb, customers can rapidly design event-based, data-driven, policy-controlled applications with no code. It abstracts distributed system complexity so developers can focus on the business.

The award-winning platform supports a wide range of activity from ‘smart’ human workflows and compliance processes to “zero-touch” network and service management.

Conceptual Layer: At the heart of EnterpriseWeb is a graph knowledge base for modeling complex, distributed domains. The knowledge base represents an upper-ontology of domain concepts, types and policies. The platform comes with both distributed system concepts and general business concepts, providing a ready-to-use baseline model that accelerates solution delivery.

Enterprise Architects can extend the security and version-controlled model to support their organization’s unique requirements. Existing customer and standards-based models can be imported, parsed and algorithmically mapped (RDF, XML, JSON, Word docs) to further enrich the graph knowledge base.

Logical Layer: Business entities and implementations hang-off the knowledge base to form a graph-connected operational model. EnterpriseWeb’s design-environment exposes the shared business semantics and metadata. Customers rapidly onboard their solution elements to a system catalog via a conversational API or dynamic UI, which interactively types new objects, mapping their properties and behaviors to the operational model.

In this way, heterogeneous solution elements are abstracted to a common object model and a unified interface enabling higher-level programmability. With EnterpriseWeb, customers can declaratively compose objects into highly-dynamic and adaptable end-to-end solutions.

Physical Layer: EnterpriseWeb’s type system attaches necessary transformation services to automate interoperability between composed objects. These platform services are stateless, ephemeral microservices providing Cloud-native scalability and eliminating the latency of middleware stacks.

The runtime handles all implementation complexity. It accesses the graph to interpret system events based on interaction context to personalize experiences, optimize transactions and synchronize operations. The Platform provides implicit support for asynchronous and concurrent processing, multi-tenancy, reliable and transactional messaging, and persistence.

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Dave Duggal is the founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb. While IT has been fixated on infrastructure for the last decade, Dave recognized the business challenges of operating across an increasingly dynamic, distributed and diverse environment early-on. He founded EnterpriseWeb in 2009 to enable digital business transformation. The company’s advanced technology has been awarded ten US patents to date, has earned industry recognition and media coverage.

Dave has written numerous academic papers, book chapters and articles; and is an occasional blogger. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences (e.g. Layer 123, Structure, CloudExpo, SemTech, EDW, GoTo Con, TM Forum, BPMnext, IWPC) and has contributed to many standards bodies (e.g. ETSI, TMForum, Industrial Internet Consortium).

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For more information contact info@enterpriseweb.com.

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