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Connecting data, people, and ideas
Building a global knowledge ecosystem
We were Live on November 30th - December 2nd 2020 

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Adding context to data turns it to information. Processing information turns it to knowledge.

The keys to these transformations are connections and metadata. Graph Databases, Semantic Technology, Knowledge Graphs and Graph AI are solid building blocks that support this process, Get your Building Blocks.

Graph Databases
Graph AI
Knowledge Graphs
Semantic Technology

3 days of workshops, masterclasses, and presentations

From best practices and principles to nitty-gritty details.

From ahead-of-the-curve innovation to mainstream adoption.

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3 days
54 speakers
8 categories

Van Gogh Worldwide -- constructing and searching a knowledge graph of linked art 02 December 2020, 11:40 AM
Michiel Hildebrand Chief Experience Officer, Spinque
(DataCatalog)<-[poweredBy]->(KnowledgeGraph) 02 December 2020, 02:40 PM
Bryon Jacob & Juan Sequeda &
Data-Centric Security 02 December 2020, 10:20 PM
Brian Platz CEO, Fluree
BizDevOps: Aligning the Business and IT with a Graph Knowledge Base 02 December 2020, 03:20 PM
Dave Duggal & Bill Malyk EnterpriseWeb & EnterpriseWeb

AI + Knowledge - a match made in heaven? 30 November 2020, 03:15 PM
Isabelle Augenstein, Nathan Benaich, Amy Hodler, Katariina Kari, Fabio Petroni & Giuseppe Futia
(DataCatalog)<-[poweredBy]->(KnowledgeGraph) 02 December 2020, 02:40 PM
Bryon Jacob & Juan Sequeda &
Supporting Ontology and Knowledge Graph Development on the Web 02 December 2020, 09:40 PM
Rafael Gonçalves Research Scientist, Stanford University
From databases to platforms: the evolution of Graph databases 30 November 2020, 06:00 PM
Steven Xi, George Anadiotis, Alan Morrison, Steve Sarsfield & Juan Sequeda

Do you want to be a part of this paradigm shift? 

Do you want to learn how to use these technologies, and the best practices around them, to succeed in your mission?

Do you want to share experience with peers, and learn from experts and innovators?

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3 days, 2 teams, 1 goal.
Ascending the data pyramid.

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About us

A cutting-edge, global event, brought to you by Connected Data London, in partnership with the NYC-based Knowledge Graphs Conference. 

For years, we have been connecting data, people, and ideas, with one goal: building a global knowledge ecosystem.

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